develop a software radio front end

Jerry Giant einzeln00 at
Fri Feb 3 10:56:16 UTC 2012

Proposal to develop a software front end

Hi, list.


After watching ccc camp videos, I bought myself a moto c118 and run
the Osmocom-bb software on it. It's great fun to get a free software
running on proprietary hardware,  and so much could be learned from
the source code. But what to do when the gray market stock sold out,
or some one want to pick up the task of implementing the hardware in a
open source fashion?

OpenBTS used USRP to implement its radio, but USRP is aged, and it's
documentation and price is not so friendly as I see.

If further sub projects of osmocom matured, still we have to stick on
the hacking hardware would not be so fun. To better the integrity and
usefulness of the whole project, we can design and build a software
radio front end for osmocom project.



I am a Chinese electronic engineer working at small company in China,
working on machine vision, now our product is building a FPGA/TI DSP
based embedded device. I have some free time to learn and very
interested in build a software radio front end.

--Initial Thought:

The goal of build a Osmocom Software Radio Kit, is to build a
multipurpose radio front end which compatible to All or Most air
interfaces now osmocom is interested. Interfacing an emulated Calypso
DSP interface is way to reuse the code, or build another L1 dedicated
for OSRK is an option. The hardware spec could be much better than
USRP as vendor's products line evolved, but OSRK better to be mobile,
has modular RF power amplifier interface, and battery powered.

--Hardware Specification:

Let get started.

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