Sniffing GPRS

Luca Melette luca at
Wed Feb 8 03:04:00 UTC 2012

Hi Dani,

> After compiling osmocom-bb and apply sylvain/burst_ind branch and
> gprs_multi.patch, I execute it and try to sniff gprs traffic.
> I loaded the layer1 into my C139 and I obtained an ARFCN code (883).
> When I run ccch_scan -a 883 I get the next result:

Your output seems OK.

> But it stop to capture frames, seems to be left in a standby state
> and I don't know why that is.
> With gprsdecode I can see the next image in the wireshark:

Quite small picture, but I guess there is some version
mismatch in GSMTAP constants in your wireshark.

Can you please "git pull" from gprsdecode git?
And tell me if the output in wireshark looks better.

Also, in case of other errors, you can attach the console
output of gprsdecode.



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