osmocombb and usrp

Martin Janovský martian at seznam.cz
Mon Feb 13 17:05:48 UTC 2012

Hi Paul,

I'm fighting a similar problem while using the current development 
branch of OsmocomBB. Trying to connect to both OpenBSC and OpenBTS using 
the test SIM that's available in OsmocomBB.

I have a Motorola C123.

Is this feature supposed to be fully functional at the moment?
Before trying to associate, I switched the mobile to the 
network-select-mode: manual.
The latest behavior is that it's not possible to connect to OpenBSC with 
the following output from the "mobile" OsmocomBB app:

OsmocomBB# show cell 1
ARFCN  |MCC    |MNC    |LAC    |cell ID|forb.LA|prio   |min-db 
  514DCS|230    |10     |0x04b9 |0x0ba8 |no     |normal |-110   |   0   |-51
  571DCS|230    |09     |0x2058 |0x69d7 |no     |normal |-105   |   5   |-66
  648DCS|230    |01     |0x6050 |0x3571 |no     |normal |-105   |   0   |-69
  777DCS|230    |03     |0x1f5e |0x2aba |no     |normal |-105   |   0   |-87

OsmocomBB# network select 1 230 10
Network not in list!
To force selecting this network, use 'force' keyword

OsmocomBB# network select 1 230 10 force

OsmocomBB# show ms
MS '1' is up, service is limited
   IMEI: 000000000000000
      IMEISV: 0000000000000000
      IMEI generation: fixed
   manual network selection state   : M5 no SIM inserted
   cell selection state: C0 null
   radio ressource layer state: idle
   mobility management layer state: MM idle, PLMN search


> Hello,
> I have a ursp1 working fine and I want to use my c123 to conenct to it
> with osmocombb.
> Now I face some problems. First of all I have no sim, so I do:
> sim testcard 1 001 01
> The usrp runs a testnetwork (001 01)
> I don't know how I can associate with the usrp. I tried:
> network search (lot of output and also my testnet)
> network show (nothing happens)
> network select 1 001 01: Network not in list!
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Would be really Cool if i could use
> opensource only.
> With best regards,
> Paul

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