Any interest for Osmocom meetings in Bavaria ?

Dieter Spaar spaar at
Thu Aug 16 14:20:24 UTC 2012

So far three persons have indicated their interest to join
a meeting at my place.

Considering the time it takes to drive to my place, it
probably makes sense to have the meeting at the weekend
(either Saturday or Sunday) so that there is more time
for the meeting itself. I can suggest one of the following
dates for the first meeting, somewhere between 10:00 to 
18:00 on each day:

   25.8. (Sa) or 26.8. (Su)
    1.9. (Sa) or  2.9. (Su)
    8.9. (Sa) or  9.9. (Su)

So please let me know when you have time and also make
suggestions in which Osmocom topic you are interested
in so that we can have some sort of agenda for the
meeting to make best use of the time.

Best regards,
Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at

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