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Hi Luca,

I've noticed the change and manual patched everything, but for me seems that it's not going to work. If I capture the downlink, sometimes it capture some bursts, other times not, but even so there is nothing to decode - the arfcn is correct. I've used all types of phones and different networks - same result. If I capture the uplink then every time after a few seconds I get "segmentation fault". My guess is that in a controlled environment it's going to work, but with a live one, where you have a lot of arfcn (on a quick scan I get about 50 on my location) it's unlikely to work. 


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Today's Topics:

   1. Layer23 missing (Bogdan Alecu)


I'm trying to use the gprsdecode but when I try to patch it there is no layer3.c and also it can't find "
d1cb8ea9b784c7acbafbb2fdcedbdf4655c2f6f5" in the tree. Can someone explain a little bit the new steps?


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