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Luca thanks for your reply. Regarding the phone I used, there were a few smartphones which I put them in EDGE mode, but also some older like Nokia 6310i which only knows GPRS. The cable is FTDI. However I haven't got any luck - only a few times I get somthing that can be decrypted but there are only 2-3 malformed packets.
There is also the problem with large bursts - every time (downlink or uplink, doesn't matter) the capture stops.


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On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 16:32, Luca Bongiorni
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> I used a Blackberry Test Field to disable EDGE and identify which ARFCN that doesn't hop on GPRS: ( eg. this one is hopping, others may not [1] )

Could you clarify how did you do this?
Following your recommendation I recently got a BlackBerry too, but
after a quick look into its engineering menu I didn't find how to
disable EDGE.

And a related question. It requires a code to enter to the engineering
menu. Do you have any script for calculating it offline?

(I'm sorry for off-topic, but I think this may be interesting for
other people too, because BlackBerry engineering menu is really that

Alexander Chemeris.
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