Failed to initialize flash! Why?

Steve Markgraf steve at
Fri Sep 16 22:16:58 UTC 2011


On 16.09.2011 22:14, tobsen wrote:

> i think thats the answer to my question... 
> did anybody now, what i must do to unlock my phone's flash? or perhaps a
> link?

What do you want to achieve anyway? Flashing is absolutely not needed
for using the phone with osmocom-bb and still highly experimental, in
fact, the only person I'm aware of that successfully flashed a phone
so far is prom, but only for playing with the bootloader.

For normal operation just use osmocon with layer1.bin.
It will upload the layer1-binary in the internal SRAM of the phone and
run it from there, and you're just fine with that.


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