Comprehensive User Directive Manual Needed

rola roladunjoye at
Fri Sep 16 01:08:45 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Currently I have the Osmocon running layer1.compalram.bin using Motorola

Mobile runs as ./mobile -i I followed the normal procedure as

i. Start the osmocon program

ii. Start Mobile App

iii. Turn C155 on

iv. Start Wireshark (Direct Path Source : Git ) with the following

Osmocon and Mobile keeps cycling in a loop searching for possible PLMN and
perhaps trying to find a suitable
cell to camp on. After power measure with an average level of -95dB, FCCH
RecognitionL1CTL_RESET_REQ kicks in.
The layer1 process keeps in this loop continuously. Likewise the Mobile app
with gsm322 message of channel
sync error. My guess is Layer1 couldn't found a suitable frequency to sync
with. And I wonder why?

I'll like to know if anyone has successfully run Mobile without SIM using
the Master copy. 

Please, I'll appreciate any hint on what to do from anyone

Osmocon Output:

Starting FCCH RecognitionL1CTL_RESET_REQ: FULL!L1CTL_FSB_REQ (arfcn=102,
Starting FCCH RecognitionL1CTL_RESET_REQ: FULL!L1CTL_PM_REQ start=0 end=124
PM MEAS: ARFCN=0, 42 dBm at baseband, -95 dBm at RF
L1CTL_PM_REQ starts=512 end=885

<0003> gsm322.c:2268 1 frequencies left in band 955..124
<0003> gsm322.c:2993 Channel sync error.
<0003> gsm322.c:2998 free sysinfo ARFCN=1001
<0003> gsm322.c:2734 Cell selection failed, sync timeout.
<0003> gsm322.c:521 ARFCN  |MCC    |MNC    |LAC    |cell ID|forb.LA|prio  
|min-db |max-pwr|rx-lev
<0003> gsm322.c:521
<0003> gsm322.c:521 
<0003> gsm322.c:2124 Cell search finished without result.
<0003> gsm322.c:823 new state 'C6 any cell selection' -> 'C0 null'
<0002> gsm322.c:3804 (ms 1) Event 'EVENT_NO_CELL_FOUND' for automatic PLMN
selection in state 'A6 no SIM inserted'
<0003> gsm322.c:4035 (ms 1) Event 'EVENT_NO_CELL_FOUND' for Cell selection
in state 'C0 null'
<0003> gsm322.c:823 new state 'C0 null' -> 'C6 any cell selection'
<0003> gsm322.c:2790 Scanning power for all frequencies.
<0003> gsm322.c:2851 Scanning frequencies. (0..0)
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:4196 (ms 1) Received 'MM_EVENT_NO_CELL_FOUND' event in
state MM IDLE, no cell available
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:4209 Message unhandled at this state.
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 0 rxlev -98 (12))
<0003> gsm322.c:2888 Getting PM for ARFCN 0 twice. Overwriting the first!
Please fix prim_pm.c
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 0 rxlev -98 (12))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 1 rxlev -95 (15))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 2 rxlev -95 (15))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 3 rxlev -95 (15))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 4 rxlev -98 (12))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 5 rxlev -98 (12))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 6 rxlev -98 (12))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 7 rxlev -97 (13))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 8 rxlev -95 (15))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 9 rxlev -95 (15))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 10 rxlev -95 (15))
<0003> gsm322.c:2900 Found signal (ARFCN 11 rxlev -98 (12))

Mobile Telnet 

rola at ubuntu:~$ telnet localhost 4247
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the OsmocomBB control interface
OsmocomBB> en
OsmocomBB# conf t
OsmocomBB(config)# ms 1
OsmocomBB(ms)#no shutdown
OsmocomBB# sh ms
MS '1' is up, service is unavailable
  IMEI: 000000000000000
     IMEISV: 0000000000000000
     IMEI generation: fixed
  automatic network selection state: A6 no SIM inserted
  cell selection state: C6 any cell selection
  radio ressource layer state: idle
  mobility management layer state: MM idle, no cell available

OsmocomBB# write
Configuration saved to /home/rola/.osmocom/bb/mobile.cfg


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