Comprehensive User Directive Manual Needed

rola roladunjoye at
Wed Sep 14 17:48:56 UTC 2011

Hi Holger,

You should know that for some it is not all that easy to trouble shoot
somebody else code when one has little idea of how thing is structure. I
have little or know idea of so many concepts used in developing this
application and that make it tough for me to hack into the program. I only
have basic understand of GSM network and a bit beginner's programming
experience. However I've tried all what I could to run it the way I
understand it. May be I was wrong in asking for more elaborate step by step
procedure that will create unnecessary mistake that might be committed by
people like me.

One thing you don't get to realized is that people like me normally base
their parameter on the first given working command and overlook a subtle
change in parameter when the same code is being used. For an instance I have
been using my initial loader.compal.bin for osmocon not knowing that it is
suppose to be layer1.*.bin. when running with Mobile. Believe me, I read the
wiki but my eyes never caught the difference until I ran into issues and
locate the difference in someone else posted debug. Time waisted in looking
all around the mailing list would have been used to work on something else.

Anyway, I'm still stuck at one point on what I am doing; both osmocon and
Mobile seems lock in an endless cycle of scanning the channel. Nothing can
be display for the CELL INFO. I hope you can just help out at this stage.

If I can get an access to the wiki and point out the section needed to be
modified with respect to the existing online documentation, it will be with
all pleasure to make a token of my assistance. Therefore, I hereby request
for the password to the wiki page.
Have a nice wonderful day.

Best regards


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> don't.

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