Comprehensive User Directive Manual Needed

rola roladunjoye at
Wed Sep 14 02:31:22 UTC 2011

Hi Holger, 

I will love to do that as my token contribution in a way but for now, I have
to get the Mobile App running. I have everything pretty much set up to the
level of being able to telnet to the Mobile. However, Wireshark is not
receiving any frame and Cell Info display empty content. I'm using No SIM
and running from the Master with Osmocon running on loader.compalram.bin. I
set the Mobile App to loop back and set the Wireshark port to what
is on the wiki. Is there any other program I need to run beside Mobile
before I can receive cell broadcast info even though the init process shows
no error.

I really would have love to start looking into the code but that gonna be
like looking for pond in the middle of desert. If I can get this work out
with idea of how each and every programs involve interact, then I can start
playing around with source code and perhaps may be implements some GSM
features in the future.

By the way, how will the merging of existing code on OpenBTS integrate with
the OSmocomBB such that USRP is bypassed. I believe this can work if
appropriate framing is sent from the layer23 to layer1. I hope this will not
require writing special firmware to implement the Signal Channel from the
BST. By this, OsmocomBB could be the simplest GSM implementation ever with
total cost nothing less than $100.00

There may be concern about hopping frequency bu I think that has been taken
care of in one of the demonstration by using four different MS. But I would
know how the transmitting and receiving signal will handle at the layer.
Layer23 can then pass the received digitized voice using VoIP s it is in
OpenBTS. From the look of thing, OpenBSc might have the necessary code by
now but it will worth it can be independent of any specific device. That is
just what I feel initially about this work but I realized that it is a big
hell of a work for a newbie like me.

Please, if you can help out with my earlier request on retrieving the CELL
INFO when SHOW CELL command is used while Mobile App is running with no SIM
and Osmocon is strictly runs on Master, that will make my day.



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