Not able to connect to Network using C-115 devices.

nageswara reddy karnatinagesh at
Wed Sep 7 06:12:56 UTC 2011


Finally i am able to compile the GSM Stack code and flash into the Motorol
Device C-115.
i can see the "layer1.bin" on the display, but my device is not latched on
to the N/W.

   - When i ran the HOST software of Mobile. i can see that SIM reader code
   is not working, and i can see the IMEI is hardcoded to "0000000000000000".
   - i captured the response of FBSB(Frequency and Time synchronization
   Burst), the result is comming as "255".

can any one please help me how to resolve these issues so that i can latch
on to the N/W.

nageswara reddy.
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