900MHz packet radio?

Paul Gardner-Stephen paul at servalproject.org
Thu Sep 1 15:24:37 UTC 2011


On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 12:37 AM, Sylvain Munaut <246tnt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Well, once there is a stable packet transport, then it is fairly easy
>> to build the mesh on top.
> You can't do it like that here (like you could with Wifi).
> Because the mesh network itself is gonna have to provide negatiation
> and everything _to_ establish reliable packet transport. (neighbor
> discovery, master election, organization or the nodes  in 'micro
> network' for sync etc etc ...).
> All that needs to be figured out first, because when you power up a
> phone, it doesn't have _anything_ and before it can even think about
> exchanging packet, it'll have to find some other node to provide sync
> ... (and then whenever a node is changed / moved / ... adapt)

Gotcha. I mis-interpreted your previous message as you had built an
election system from your primitives.

Okay, so time to start thinking about how to bootstrap the process.
Simplest approach that comes to mind would be for every phone to
listen for a master, and if it can't hear one, try to be one. Then
have a resolution process for when multiple masters are present.

In any case, very interested to take a look at your primitives and how
they might be assembled to meet our needs.


> Cheers,
>    Sylvain

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