[PATCH 0/2] Adding embedded and utilities to configure options

Job baseband at hackwerk.org
Fri Sep 2 19:51:51 UTC 2011


>> I never made a patch mail before so let me know if anything is missing.
> everything seemed to be fine! congratulations :)

That's good to hear :-)

One thing to note: it still requires a patch to osmocom-bb. I did not 
provide it as I had a question on this script:


It uses "git-subtree pull" instead of "git subtree pull", which is what 
I have to use with a default install of subtree. Is it ok to change this 
in the patch for the Makefile?

Note that if you edit update-libosmocore.sh it then refuses to work 
because the source tree changed compared to the master.

Best regards,


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