First OsmocomBB Connection Tests (Unsuccessful)

Drasko DRASKOVIC drasko.draskovic at
Mon May 30 22:36:47 UTC 2011

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 12:30 AM, Gianni Tedesco
<gianni at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-05-31 at 00:24 +0200, Drasko DRASKOVIC wrote:
>> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 12:09 AM, Gianni Tedesco
>> <gianni at> wrote:
>> >> Synchronize_TDMA
>> >> LOST 3054!
>> >>
>> >> What would this LOST 3054! say ? It does not sound good anyway, but at
>> >> this point I am not skilled enough to read OsmocomBB logs.
>> >
>> > That's fine/normal.
>> OK, good. Sounds scary, though. I would prefer FIND message when
>> things go righth :).
>> >
>> > ...
>> >> PLMN selection in state 'A6 no SIM inserted'
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Can somebody explain me what the hell is happening here ?
>> >
>> > No SIM inserted ;)
>> >
>> > You have 3 options:
>> > 1. Check out sylvain's testing branch for a working on-phone SIM driver
>> > 2. Use the SAP interface to a PC/SC smartcard reader with SIM inserted.
>> > 3. If you want to use GSM test set instead of real network, use test sim
>> >   functionality of mobile
>> Hmm.. I was convinced that there was some kind of SIM card simulation
>> implemented in the software and that for basic connection no physical
>> SIM card was needed...
> Hrm, for cell_log I don't think you need a SIM but when mobile starts it
> tries to register with the network which requires a subscription.
>> So, as I understood, to have a cell attachment and to have some
>> packets exchange I will need to pull Sylvain's branch, as I have no
>> network nor PC/SC SIM card reader...
> Yes, if you want to register on a network, make/receive calls, etc.
No, no.. I can not start with that - seems too advanced for a
beginning... Just a simple connection. The simplest stuff possible.

> For
> just finding cells and catching announcements on the beacon channel, you
> may be better off starting with cell_log

Yes great. I'd like to start only with that. So I guess current master
is able to do this, I do not need SIM...
I prefer to try this for a gentle introduction.

> It is more or less operational except for those two caveats:
> 1. TX disabled by default so that you have to actively *do* something
> yourself before you can transmit on the air, presumably making it your
> own legal responsibility (whatever that may mean)
Yes I noticed this one. But as I said, I have no intention to TX
anything. Just to receive some signals and to have packet appearing on
my host running Wireshark. So, that I can slowly start changing/adding
logs to  layer1 and layer23 code and observe consequences in
educational purposes.

> 2. Current SIM driver is broken, not sure why sylvains is not merged in
> master but I have heard reports that even his driver doesn't work for
> some SIM's.

OK. Great informations. Helps a lot !


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