Nuttx for Calypso

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Mon May 23 14:12:02 UTC 2011


> As you can see from the patch, I made some progress with a port of Nuttx to
> the Calypso platform. The UART doesn't work yet. The few possible tests with
> just the backlight suggest that the IRQ is working. More work required but
> I'd like to avoid doing the work twice.

I've just add a quick look at the patch (really, just 10 min) and I
have a few comments:

- I think it'd be better to progressively add support. I see for
example you copied a bunch of the header over (including things that
definitely cleaning like l1_environment.h and that one is probably not
gonna be in the nutt-x repo anyway)
- Make it a patch series adding things one by one so we can see a
progress / logical path when reviewing (like 1: base structure, 2:
statrup files  3: interrupts ....)

Also (unrelated to the patch), somethings that I think should be
discussed/addressed soon are:

- How we will handle the boards in nuttx (including variants like
US/EU version of the same phone)
- How we will handle the memory zones (SRAM / SDRAM / Flash / XIP from
flash (or just .rodata ?))
- How we will handle our different ram config (boot from ram / flash),
can we use the loader to load part of the SDRAM if we don't fit in
SRAM completely ?
- Memory allocator (handling zones ...). I think that'd be something
very useful. Currently we can only allocate msgb and that's a little

(nuttx may have mechanism in place already for those, I'm not sure yet)

Just my 10 cents.



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