linking error on board mt62xx (current git tree)

Wolfram Sang wolfram at
Mon May 16 21:18:42 UTC 2011

> System is Ubuntu 10.04.2 with the GNUArm toolchain linked on the osmocom
> website. (GCC version 3.4.3 and ld version 2.15)

Okay, there seem to be still quite some old v3.x toolchains around. 
Truth is, the code in the steve's old branch already did not work with 
v3.x. Including mtk-firmware into 'make all' gave a bigger test 
coverage, so people seem to notice now. A quick solution would be to 
simply increase the sections in the linker script, but it might be 
worthwhile to check why the v3.x is so much different. I will try to 
address it somewhen this week, but if somebody is willing to assist, 
this is greatly appreciated. Newer toolchains can be found here:



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