problem with Pirelli DP-L10 and upload the firmware

Marco Schwan marco_schwan at
Sat May 14 20:54:05 UTC 2011


I have a problem with the DP-L10.
The upload the firmware in the phone is not succesfull.

I have made following steps:
- change the UART number in the two header files
- compile the source
- connected the phone with laptop
- run the command "./host/osmocon/osmocon -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -m romload
- put the accu in the mobile phone

the upload the firmware start and the last message from osmocon is:

handle_write_block(): 64 bytes (1024/1024)
handle_write_block(): Block 51 finished
Finished, sent 51 blocks in total
Received block ack from phone
Sending checksum: 0x55

I have follow message expected:

Received block ack from phone
Sending checksum: 0xaa
Checksum on phone side matches, let's branch to your code
Branching to 0x00820000
Received branch ack, your code is running now!

I see not the error.
Can you please a idea give.


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