Anybody using a BTS for debugging?

Gianni Tedesco gianni at
Thu May 19 17:27:59 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-05-19 at 19:03 +0200, Sylvain Munaut wrote:
> Hi,
> > So how does it work "off-air"? I'll need a shielded cable and attach
> it
> > on to the antenna pads of the handset?
> You need to use a RF 50 ohm coax cable. The Racal has a N connector
> and the phone should have one has well. I don't remember the exact
> reference of the C123 connector but I know digikey has adapter to SMA
> for it, so I use a N to SMA then an adaptor that depends on the phone.

The unit I'm getting should come with a "BNC to N-Type connector" but I
thought n-type was maybe 2cm diameter? The connector on the phone (C139)
is tiny, I have just uncovered it...

If I understand correctly, I need a special connector for the phone and
then maybe another one? eg. N to SMA depending on what the special
connector provides...

Looking on the list archive someone suggested:,%20CG-B1%20-%203.0mm,%200-6GHz,%2090%B0%20r/a

But no reports as to whether it worked or not.

Probably I should just get a cheap car-antenna for the phone and rip the
connector out for my own cable...



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