Anybody using a BTS for debugging?

Gianni Tedesco gianni at
Thu May 19 16:42:56 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-05-19 at 21:09 +0430, Mohammad Hosein wrote:
> most of the test systems are not built to be used for on-air
> operations . the ones that offer such features must be used in Shield
> rooms where no signal gets in or out . these rooms are expensive but
> usually tech universities have some rental hours for their shield and
> antenna rooms . its expensive as well , otherwise you are probably
> going to have some conflict with local regulatory sooner or later
> regards

So how does it work "off-air"? I'll need a shielded cable and attach it
on to the antenna pads of the handset?

The last thing I want is regulatory hassles.



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