[PATCH] SAP client

Nico Golde osmocom at ngolde.de
Mon May 23 07:29:57 UTC 2011

I have now committed the attached patch to remotes/origin/nion/sap.
I've used this so far in combination with the sap server in 
the softsim repository in order to not use the sim driver.

The patch removes the pre-defined sap socket path and 
additionally to the already existing config option 
introduces a new vty command to set the socket before 
issuing sap reader ms...

Andreas told me that the initial plan was to implement the 
sap server in osmocom as well and also speak to the sim into 
the phone over sap. I haven't implemented this, however I'm 
also not sure how much sense this makes given the additional 
complexity for practically no gain (or I miss something).

Comments welcome...


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