[ANN] libosmocore stable API/ABI

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Sun May 8 12:20:41 UTC 2011

Hi all!

I think now that the namespace issues in libosmocore have been resolved,
we seriously have to think of maintaining a stable API and ABI.  This
allows us to have truly independent library and application releases,
and the dynamic linker library versioning support should ensure

So please think twice about any modifying libosmocore.  It is safe to
add new functions, but we cannot change the prototypes (number of
arguments) for existing functions.

As soon as new functions are introduced, we should increment the library
interface number.

For more information, see
especially the rules in Chapter 7.3:

# If the library source code has changed at all since the last update,
  then increment revision (‘c:r:a’ becomes ‘c:r+1:a’).
# If any interfaces have been added, removed, or changed since the last
  update, increment current, and set revision to 0.
# If any interfaces have been added since the last public release, then
  increment age.
# If any interfaces have been removed or changed since the last public
  release, then set age to 0. 


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