T191 unlock cable

R M rm.engineer84 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 17:00:52 UTC 2011


This is my first mail to this list. I have downloaded the code and compiled

My development environment is Eclipse using cygwin as I am a Windows user.

I have succeeded in procuring Motorola C115 phone and also T191 unlock cable
but the cable has a serial port on one end and 2.5 mm audio jack at the

My laptop doesn't have a serial port. It only has USB ports.

What sort of USB to serial converter should I use?

I have not enquired the cost of FDTI cables in India. But they seem to cost
a fortune online.

Please do suggest one that is cheap say within 200 rupees.

I am also having difficulty downloading Iota and Rita data sheets as the
links provided in the wiki lead to chinese sites and I don't understand

Can some one who has already downloaded them please tell me the process like
which buttons I need to click etc.

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