[PATCH] uart: make *_UART_NR platform independent

246tnt at gmail.com 246tnt at gmail.com
Sat May 7 09:37:11 UTC 2011

> ... though in my book, lib/console.c should not recompile if the  
> underlying platform changes (arch is something different, of course ;)).  
> If lib/* depends on the platform (like with UART numbering), to me this  
> sounds like something to be fixed.

IMHO board startup functions shoudl have a call like

console_init( XXX ) with XXX being the uart index to start the console on.

> I don't feel strong about this patch, though. If it is not good enough,  
> we can just skip it.

Yes sorry but I really don't like the drivers being put in charge of a  

> I start to wonder if it makes sense to do such kind of work before the  
> RTOS comes along?

Indeed, good question ...


Sylvain Munaut
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