simtrace: New mailing list / progress

Harald Welte laforge at
Fri May 6 09:11:10 UTC 2011

Hi all!

Since Kevin and I are trying to re-vitalize the simtrace project, I have
decided to create a new simtrace at mailing list
dedicated to this project.

Yesterday at a meeting we have discussed
* to use a digitally-controlled analog switch to select sniffing /
  emulation mode (i.e. to do a software-controlled 'cut' the electrical
  connection between the SIM card and the phone)

* to add a header next to the USB socket so we can attach a battery pack
  for autonomous operation

* to add a SPI NOR flash (for storage of data in autonomous operation)

* to not care about 1.8V-only SIM cards and make it a 3.3V-only device

We expect to do a bit more schematics review and component placement +
routing as well as a prototype PCB in the next couple of weeks.

Kevin is in charge of the hardware prototype, while I will look at the
firmware side as well as provide funding for the PCB manufacturing and
prototype components.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
"Privacy in residential applications is a desirable marketing option."
                                                  (ETSI EN 300 175-7 Ch. A6)

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