[PATCH 1/2] comm: msgb: don't set backlight on error

Wolfram Sang wolfram at the-dreams.de
Mon May 2 12:27:03 UTC 2011

On 02/05/11 14:02, Sylvain Munaut wrote:

>> I disagree.  We desperately need board_panic, (with much more than just
>> backlight blinking in the future), to be able to solve the various mysterious
>> layer1/firmware crashes that we're seeing more or less all the time.
> Yes, it definitely needed.
> And calling osmo_panic might be the right thing, and then have the
> board register their osmo_panic handler in its init (the buzzer would
> be a good choice :)

Okay, understood that it is needed. Still, the discussion also showed that
I seem to not have the proper knowledge of what is desired instead by
those people hacking at layer 1 (what I don't do) :) Thus, may I suggest
that I just remove the (static value) backlight setting in msgb.c to
remove the calypso-dependency and leave a proper board_panic for someone
else with a seperate patchset? To me, Harald's post indicates that it is a
seperate topic?



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