[PATCH 1/2] comm: msgb: don't set backlight on error

Wolfram Sang wolfram at the-dreams.de
Sun May 1 08:18:04 UTC 2011

On 30/04/11 10:12, Sylvain Munaut wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 9:53 AM, Wolfram Sang<wolfram at the-dreams.de>  wrote:
>> It seems just to be a debugging aid, but brings in an unwanted
>> calypso-dependency.
> Well it is :)
> I suggest you just replace it by a 'board_panic' call or something and
> leave it to the board specific code how to signal panic conditions.

I had another look and still have the impression that backlight usage 
should just go. Look at the implementation when the file was introduced:

+       while (1) {
+               bl_level(++i % 50);
+               delay_ms(50);
+       }
+       return NULL;

This, I understand, it blinks. But it was changed three days later to 
the current state (c917fd43797c30385a1ba860fef95be97c84d51d) which broke 
it ('i' is constant now). So it is broken for over a year and nobody 
noticed :) So, instead of introducing a board_panic which nobody seems 
to need, I'd just suggest using plain osmo_panic as in other places. 
Much cleaner, too, IMO.



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