RFC: RTOS for Calypso

Wolfram Sang wolfram at the-dreams.de
Sun May 15 20:17:28 UTC 2011

> As for where to put the code: I already have a git-svn clone of Nuttx,
> and will push that to a soon-to-be-created nuttx.git repository on
> git.osmocom.org.  The core calypso support (irq, uart, spi, etc.) should
> all go in that tree.  Meanwhile we will figure out how it would be
> possibel to keep the gsm related 'application' code out-of-tree from
> the nuttx code base.

Nuttx is BSD, osmocom code is GPL. So, shall osmocom code for Nuttx be 
relicensed and only the application-repro contain GPL-code (probably no 
problem for drivers, but what about l1-code)? Or are we keeping GPL and 
keep in sync with upstream on our own (merging could get quite ugly if 
that diverges too much)?



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