would be desirable to have a live-cd-bb osmocom

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Mon May 23 08:08:06 UTC 2011

Hi Lokkju and others,

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 12:56:38AM -0700, Lokkju Brennr wrote:
> If we just create a Debian dpkg that packages all the osmocom
> functionality, it'd be really easy to pull off with Debian Live.

That is not that easy.  You will first need to package a
cross-toolchain, and then include the source code for at least the
OsmocomBB firmware.  Also, how to cleanly handle the libosmocore
cross-compilation in a debian package is probably not that simple.

For OpenBSC, packaging stuff is easy and fine.  But OsmocomBB, it is an
entirely different story.  I think there's no alternative to simply
include the git repository and have people compile the specific
branches they want, with manual TX enabling, etc.

The other issue with distributing a live CD with lots of exceutable code
is of course license compliance.  This means at least for all
GPL/LGPL/AGPL licensed code, the complete corresponding source code has
to be offered and made available.

> I will say it would be nice to have a set of reference binaries (both
> host and target), so you could immediately rule out any build issues
> when troubleshooting.

I don't think so.  Especially for the host, you have so many things that
play into the picture (architecture, libraries/versions, host CPU
architecture, ...)

> I might be interested in building the packaging scripts if no one else
> is already working on it.

I've recently posted a call for a dpkg package maintainer.  This would
be a start for libosmocore, openbsc, openggsn, etc.

Next steps would be:
* package a suitable cross-toolchain
* make osmocom-bb host programs use the libosmocore on the host
* create a package for the cross-compiled (target) libosmocore
* provide an apt repository of all the packages (and source packages)

Creating the Live CD is the easiest and last step.  Please don't start
with the last step before the preconditions are met.

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