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ste7an ste7an at gmail.com
Fri May 13 07:15:22 UTC 2011

I am trying to convert the voice.raw file generated by the mobile
application ion the Sylvain's test branch to audible audio using the GAPK
tool. I seem not to be able to run  in with the apropriate parameters as I
only get screeching sounds as a result.
I assume the the raw TI calypso audio is in the format indicated with ti-fr.
I tried things as:
gapk -i voice.raw -i voice.pcm -f ti-fr -g rawpcm-s16le

but with no usefull result.
Could anyone give me some guidance?


this is the output of the GAPK tool as I compiled it with the supported
codecs. Is there anything missing?

Usage: /home/gsm/project/gsm/gapk/src/.libs/lt-gapk [options]

  -i, --input-file=FILE Input file
  -o, --output-file=FILE Output file
  -f, --input-format=FMT Input format (see below)
  -g, --output-format=FMT Output format (see below)

Supported codecs:
 name fmt enc dec description
 pcm *         Raw PCM signed 16 bits samples
 hr *   *   * GSM 06.20 Half Rate codec
 fr *         GSM 06.10 Full Rate codec (classic gsm codec)
 efr *         GSM 06.60 Enhanced Full Rate codec

Supported formats:
 amr-efr Classic .amr file containing EFR (=AMR 12.2k) data
 gsm Classic .gsm file format
 hr-ref-dec 3GPP HR Reference decoder code parameters file format
 hr-ref-enc 3GPP HR Reference encoder code parameters file format
 racal-hr Racal HR TCH/H recording
 racal-fr Racal FR TCH/F recording
 racal-efr Racal EFR TCH/F recording
 rawpcm-s16le Raw PCM samples Signed 16 bits little endian
 ti-hr Texas Instrument HR TCH/H buffer format
 ti-fr Texas Instrument FR TCH/F buffer format
 ti-efr Texas Instrument EFR TCH/F buffer format
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