Sending and receiving TCH frames with 'mobile'

Michael mvoelske at
Thu Jun 23 10:22:16 UTC 2011

Hello List,

as part of my research, I'm trying to use the 'mobile' app to send and
receive data on traffic channels. That is, I want to replace the audio
stream from the phone's microphone/speaker by something else supplied
by the computer attached to the phone. I realize this feature isn't
fully implemented in osmocom-BB currently, and I'm willing to write
some code to make it work (and share my results with this list if
there's any interest). Here's what I've done so far:
- merged the sylvain/traffic and jolly/voice branches
- added some code to mobile that writes the payload of downlink frames
to a user-specified file once a call has been established

As far as the receiving end goes, this seems to work. I'm still
unclear as to where I should start on the sending side -- I do expect
it to be somewhat more complex. Any pointers -- or a rough outline of
what is left to be done to make this work -- would be much

Kind regards,
Michael Voelske

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