AW: Facing issues in using OSMOCOM

Basem Ahmed eng_basemm at
Wed Jun 15 11:27:57 UTC 2011

I think it is not a problem of osmocon, it is a problem of mobile application because osmocon is able to upload the whole file.
Even I tried the osmoload like: ./osmoload -m c140xor  -l /tmp/...... LAYER1.COMPALRAM.PATH but it says model is not supported.
One more thing I am using C139 Motorola and it is compal_e86. But when I select the firmware of e86 it hangs as showed in outpu below but when I select e88 it is able to select the cell. But there is some issue in RR and MM. Is it a problem of Motorola C139  Model?? Any body tried using it.
Why "show ms 1" is saying:
OsmocomBB# show ms 1MS '1' is up, MM connection active  IMEI: 000000000000000     IMEISV: 0000000000000000     IMEI generation: fixed  automatic network selection state: A1 trying RPLMN  cell selection state: C3 camped normally  radio ressource layer state: connection pending  mobility management layer state: wait for RR connection (location updating)
I am hoping read soon from you.
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mine is >50k. why am i not getting the same warning?

> Well, that sounds like a pretty explicit warning ... maybe you should
> try what it says.
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