Facing issues in using OSMOCOM

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 16:21:08 UTC 2011

> How are you? Refer to below mail.

I read the mailing list, please do not send to me directly. Only CC me
(and CC, not a separate mail forward please) if you're posting a patch
and you want me to review it and merge it.

If I have an answer, I will answer ...  (but in this case, from your
description it seems like a 'mobile' problem which I virtually never
use, so I may not have an answer at all)

> I am able to download the loader.compalram.bin and layer1.compalram.bin and running the mobile project.  I am also using the telnet for configuration.  But it is stopping at following some state mentioned in attached file.

Sorry, but if you attach .docx file, there is zero chance I'm gonna look at it.

1) .docx is a proprietary format, don't expect people can read it
2) Even if this was a open document ( .ods or so ), I don't use office
suite at all.
3) A .txt attachement still requires me to download it and look at it ...
4) In general, to maximize your chance of getting an answer, you have
to do your best to minimize the work to be done by the people you want
to help you. In this particular case:

 - You properly included a description of your setup and up to where
you got, that's great.
 - What's missing is a 'snippet' of the log with the 'state' it seems locked it.
 - Then at the end of the mail, cut and paste the complete logs (both
from osmocon and from the mobile app).
 - If possible avoid HTML mail as well ...

(don't take all this bad and/or personally, just trying to help you
maximize your chance of getting the answers you're looking for).



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