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Wed Jun 8 12:52:48 UTC 2011

Hi Drasko,

On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 10:55:03AM +0200, Drasko DRASKOVIC wrote:

> > (of course only on those phones that expose JTAG, which specifically is
> >  _not_ the C123 we have seen,
> Hmm... I was little bit confused so I needed clarification. When you
> say that C123 do not expose JTAG, what are then TDI, TDO and  TMS pins
> here :
> ?
> I thought that they are standard JTAG signals and that we can connect
> JTAG probe connector directly there. After that alls should work with
> OpenOCD because it have great support for ARM7TDMI.

Sorry, which part of the paragraph below the picture is unclear to you?

On the C123 the following pads are usable
    * TP27 -- DLPWR (download power on), connects to Iota:RPWON
    * TP14 -- RxD Modem
    * TP13 -- TxD Modem
    * TP9 -- CTS Modem
    * TP39 -- GND 

On most phones other pads are grounded and not usable (like in the scan
above). Known exceptions

    * C115 and C117 have all test pads
    * C155 has JTAG but not IRDA UART test pads 

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