USB -FTDI 232RL- RS232 Converter

Peter Stuge peter at
Sat Jul 16 17:12:30 UTC 2011

iBruno wrote:
> I am having troubles, to find the decent cable/interface to get
> this working properly!!

There are many cables that are almost right, so it's important to get
the right ones.

> I bough converter USB -FTDI 232RLChip- RS232, Converter.
> IS giving me 6.60v Output..

One part of RS232 is voltage levels, and they are indeed completely
wrong for the telephone. They may well destroy the serial port on the

> Electronically, what can I do, to adjust for the correct Voltage?

I would avoid this. Find a suitable cable instead. Buy a few
different ones that are advertised to support the particular phone.

> My phone didn't fry, besides I got connection!

Stop using the cable. The more you use it the more you risk
destroying the serial port in the phone.

> not completing the task! I believe is because of the amount of
> power.

Voltage, but yes probably.

> If you know a cable that works decently, let me know :-)

FT2232H or FT4232H based cables are the popular ones. Testing with
FT2232D (slower USB than H) has not worked so perfectly.

I'd recommend buying a cable with a connector especially made for the
phone, because a standard 2.5mm plug does not fit without mechanical
rework. Low quality plugs that have been reworked to fit may not make
a very good connection, which also causes signalling problems.


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