problems to run ./mobile app

weberbe at weberbe at
Wed Jul 13 15:40:20 UTC 2011

OK, the mobile application (current master branch) does no longer use  
the /etc directory. It uses .osmocom/bb/mobile.cfg in the users home  
directory instead. See also commit  
4be57b9afd0f7a07361a5ac24a271adfd5e302d1. This was actually discussed  

Hope this helps

Quoting josephli <josephli1029 at>:

> Hi Ben
> I read some person's comment from other posts. Some one advised to create an
> empty file as
> sudo mkdir /etc/osmocom
> sudo touch /etc/osmocom/osmocom.cfg
> I followed that but it did not work for me. The same error was still there
> Thanks for your reply, I will try your method tomorrow
> Cheers
> Li
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