Success at last - C139 now working Layer1.bin displayed on phone :)

Raz Sharif issertiv at
Tue Jul 5 12:49:53 UTC 2011

Dear all, the last few days I have as you know sent a few mails in my quest
to delve into the Osmocomm GSM stack.

A few problems later and a few substitutes later such as a C139 phone versus
the C115 am I now good to go it would appear.

Please see below. I did a lot of RTFM and would also like to to thank the
folks who provided me with pointers.

I will no doubt have a few more issues so lets see.

In summary - The Prolific cable works fine albeit a small cut back on the
connector - 2.5mm side
C115 is supported but if you can go for the C139 - Too many issues to
resolve with C115 maybe due to a specific Firmware variant. If you have the
time to hack around I am sure it not difficult to work.

Here's my Boot loader dump. Please see below.
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