Please advice - C115 FMTOOL - Ramloader Aborted

Job baseband at
Sat Jul 2 13:37:58 UTC 2011


As I mailed before I also have a non working C115, but I have 3 working
so I have something to compare. I suspect a hardware problem on my side,
but I tried your tips

> Maybe your machine is too slow, but you could try this:
> I'm not sure if the patch still applies correctly though.

No it doesn't but I compiled it and it did not help me.

> If that doesn't work, here's another thing to try:

Tried that too without result.

I also confirmed by breaking the TX line to the phone (from the PC) that
this error (FTMTOOL error) then also happens. So it can also be caused
by a faulty cable, faulty connector or blown UART pin on the Calypso.

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