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Sun Jan 30 17:59:50 UTC 2011

 On Sun, 30 Jan 2011 11:34:01 -0600, John Orlando wrote:
> It is up to the network to decide what ID type it wants to use to 
> page
> a mobile, and this is dependent on a number of factors.  Almost
> always it uses the TMSI, sometimes IMSI, and _very_ rarely an IMEI. 

 In gsm 04.08 it says "The Mobile Identity 1 and 2 IEs shall  
 refer to IMEI.". So a standard compliant network should never do that.

 Have you actually seen that on any live network?

> So in short, unless youre lucky enough to have the network page you
> with your IMSI, it is unlikely you will see it.

 Sometimes when some network components like the auth server/vlr are
 overloaded with entrys or requests, then there are many imsis on the
 air. And often at not-so-busy times, too. I've observed that regulary
 but have not heard any fully explainatory conclusion to that yet.


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