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Martin Hauke mardnh at gmx.de
Tue Jan 25 21:10:11 UTC 2011

> i will try this with this device NL-402U ublox5
> This Device should work out of the box with Linux see manuel
> http://www.navilock.de/view/PDFs/Linux_mit_uBlox/605

i've had similar problems with my sirf star III -based locosys btg-31.
After looking at the source code i'd found the issue - only the the
"GPGLL"-NMEA sentence was parsed.

Since my gps-device only supports GPGGA, GPRMC, GPGSA and GPGSV i've
patched /src/host/layer23/src/common/gps.c to get the required data from

With that i'm also able to get "el-cheapo" support for gpsd (with help
from socat and gpspipe):

/dev/ttyUSB0    // my gps-receiver device
/dev/ttyACM0    // pseudo terminal (created with socat)

start gpsd and connect to the gps receiver
# gpsd -N -n -D 4 /dev/ttyUSB0

create a pseudo terminal and feed it with the output of 'gpspipe -r'
# socat -d -d pty,link=/dev/ttyACM0,raw,echo=0 "exec:gpspipe -r"

Now you can start cell_log and read the gps-data from the newly created
pseudo terminal.

This is by no means a proper integration for gpsd as with libgps/libgpsd
- but at least it works for me.

- Martin
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