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Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger at freyther.de
Tue Jan 25 15:51:02 UTC 2011

On 01/25/2011 04:46 PM, Dario Lombardo wrote:
> On 01/25/2011 04:34 PM, Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:
>> On 01/25/2011 04:30 PM, Dario Lombardo wrote:
>> awesome!

> Very good. This is the new patch that should fix both.

Almost perfect. I can apply and modify myself or you could do two things. We
tend to avoid the '//' comments, they were only added in C99 and used to be a
GCC extension for C. The other is you could (if you want to) use git commit
and then git format-patch. This way I don't need to copy and paste your name
and mail address.

tell me what you prefer

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