Sniff Code..shown @chao conf.. CCC

Aaron Zauner azet at
Sun Jan 23 19:02:45 UTC 2011

What poor students are you talking of?


On 1/23/11, Peter Stuge <peter at> wrote:
> Marten Christophe wrote:
>> Kindly give me code or even binary file for sniff code which
>> Sylvain demonstrated in chao meeting,
> Kindly read
>> Pls reply
>> pls help
>> or pls advise
>> Kindly  reply
>> pls provide
> I'm sure you realize that this sounds like a nagging child.
> I think one can always beenfit from considering the group that one is
> communicating in. Many quite skilled developers work together in this
> and most other open source projects, and the way to get things that
> one wants is never to nag.
> At best one will be silently ignored, at worst one will get banned.
> In any case, the impression people will be left with suffers
> dramatically from any behavior not clearly trying to further the
> project. I have seen this happen in many projects, and many times I
> am sure that it is caused mainly by problems in communication, such
> as language barriers, rhetoric skill, and so on. Other times it is
> simply because someone is stupid. (I don't know you at all well
> enough to say if that holds for you, probably not, but your emails
> may cause people to think so.)
>> advise me how i can modify existing code up to that level.
> ..
>> it will help me allot, my NGO can deploy a pilot project at least
> I guess you are still working on the idea that developers here fairly
> clearly judged as not being really worthwhile. And now you plea for
> people to go out of their way to support it. That demonstrates a lack
> of understanding for open source projects, where *you* are always
> responsible for fulfilling *your* needs. Of course you can ask others
> to do stuff, by politely making suggestions, but you must respect if
> they have no interest in your ideas.
> But nothing stops you from moving ahead on your own and proving
> everyone wrong! In fact that is one great thing about open source.
> When going against the flow of course you must be prepared to not
> get much, if any, help.
> Maybe Sylvain will be interested in licensing some work to your NGO
> for a pilot project - if so I guess he will get in touch with you -
> but honestly I doubt that, based on nothing but how you behave on
> this mailing list. :\
> Besides the tone in your email you have hijacked the thread about the
> Osmocom logo request. This suggests unfamiliarity with mailing list
> etiquette, which also hurts your standing in the project rather
> severely. One could think this should not be so important, because it
> is a technicality, but on the other hand we are all technicians, and
> the technicalities are there for a reason; they allow the most
> efficient communication. So by not knowing the etiquette you are
> creating inefficiencies for every mailing list subscriber and for the
> afterworld (in the archives) which as I am sure you understand is
> very strongly frowned upon.
> Perhaps you could benefit from the recently announced TETRA code..
> Maybe it fits your application better than plain GSM, as you seem to
> be on good terms with the regulatory body in your deployment area.
> Kind regards
> //Peter

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