Sniff Code..shown @chao conf.. CCC

Marten Christophe technosabby at
Sun Jan 23 05:30:35 UTC 2011

Hello All,

Pls help me, any one who can

Kindly give me code or even binary file for sniff code which Sylvain
demonstrated in chao meeting,  it will solve my purpose,
i can See, in video  he  made the same interface to tune to a ARFCN,
TS , and hopping sequence as i requested a long time back to mailling
list  It will
be great help for poor students.

my project don't required any a5 creaking so it wont be used as unlawful means.
so far i have arranged 12 USRP1 to run openBTS.

I just wanted to do the same, which Sylvain have  done in video @ chao
presentation, except cracking the encryption as i will configure
openBTS as a5/0
coz it’s education transmission not necessary to encrypt kindly do me a
favour in shake of charity.

Pls reply to my query pls help me in the shake of poor students.
I promise will keep that code secret and will not disclose to any one else.
or pls advise me how i can modify existing code up to that level.

Kindly  reply on my request , can you pls provide me Sniff software?
it will help me allot, my NGO can deploy a pilot project at least

Kind Regards,

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