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Thu Jan 20 20:31:45 UTC 2011


I tried to follow instruction on SIM Reader wiki, but seems I got different result.

OsmocomBB> enable
OsmocomBB# sim reader 1
OsmocomBB# show subscriber
Mobile Subscriber of MS '1':
 Status: U2_NOT_UPDATED  IMSI detached  LAI: invalid
 Access barred cells: no
 Access classes:

OsmocomBB# show support
Supported features of MS '1':
 Phase 2 mobile station
 R-GSM       : yes
 E-GSM       : yes
 P-GSM       : yes
 GSM900 Class: 4
 DCS 1800    : yes
 DCS Class   : 1
 CECS        : no
 VGCS        : no
 VBS         : no
 SMS         : yes
 SS_IND      : yes
 PS_CAP      : no
 CMSP        : no
 SoLSA       : no
 LCSVA       : no
 LOC_SERV    : no
 A5/1        : yes
 A5/2        : yes
 A5/3        : no
 A5/4        : no
 A5/5        : no
 A5/6        : no
 A5/7        : no
 A5/1        : yes
 Channels    : SDCCH + TCH/F + TCH/H
 Full-Rate V1: yes
 Full-Rate V2: yes
 Full-Rate V3: no
 Half-Rate V1: yes
 Half-Rate V3: no
 Min RXLEV   : -106

OsmocomBB# show ms
MS '1' is down, radio is not started
  IMEI: 000000000000000
     IMEISV: 0000000000000000
     IMEI generation: fixed
  automatic network selection state: A0 null
  cell selection state: C0 null
  radio ressource layer state: idle
  mobility management layer state: MM idle, PLMN search

from the layer23 part,

$ ./mobile -i -d
Copyright (C) 2008-2010 ...
Contributions by ...

License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

mobile: option requires an argument -- d
VTY available on port 4247.
No Mobile Station defined, creating: MS '1'
<000e> sim.c:1206 init SIM client
<0005> gsm48_cc.c:61 init Call Control
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:4944 init Radio Ressource process
<0004> gsm48_mm.c:1220 init Mobility Management process
<0004> gsm48_mm.c:971 Selecting PLMN SEARCH state, because no SIM.
<0002> gsm322.c:3471 init PLMN process
<0003> gsm322.c:3472 init Cell Selection process
<0003> gsm322.c:3526 No stored BA list
Mobile '1' initialized, please start phone now!
<0004> subscriber.c:556 Requesting SIM file 0x2fe2
<000e> sim.c:209 got new job: SIM_JOB_READ_BINARY (handle=00000004)
<000e> sim.c:697 go MF
<000e> sim.c:241 SELECT (file=0x3f00)
<000e> sim.c:187 sending APDU (class 0xa0, ins 0xa4)

can't perform location update, and from the error, is that mean the application failed to read the simcard correctly?

and what's the meaning of "Mobile '1' initialized, please start phone now!", is it starting the phone by push the power button? if so, since the firmware is loaded I can't make the phone start like using original firmware. If i push the button, it will show message like

Found flash of 2097152 bytes at 0x0 with 2 regions
  Region 0 of 31 pages with 65536 bytes each.
  Region 1 of 8 pages with 8192 bytes each.
key=20 pressed
Powering off due to keypress.

I am using motorola c118 anw. any clue about this error?


Best Regards,
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