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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 11:46:50AM -0800, Bogdan Alecu wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry for writing you directly to your email. Thank you very much for the wiki. I was wondering if you have some knowledge about the "sim test" mode. I tried it by filling in the IMSI and MCC MNC. After I start the layer2 in a few seconds layer1 crashes. What I am trying to achieve is to send a IMSI detach to the network for the specified IMSI. Maybe you could give me a hand with this.

This is often second question after getting SIM working, so I want to
share what I know. However, I'm not an expert, and most of this is
gathered from presentations and speaking with people who know more than
I do, so I wanted to bounce this against mailing list for additional

As far as I understand it, to connect to provider network, you need
provider's ki which is shared secret between network and sim card.

There are some practical attacks on older sim cards which are used by
multi-network sim cards. It seems there is limited number of brute-force
interations that cards support before disabling themself and that
changed somehow in recent cards.

Best SIM explanation I found so far is on 27C3 wiki about GSM network:

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> > I was going to ask the same question because I have same problem with sim reader mode. However I haven't used Sylvain test. I will and come back with an update.
> There seems to be sufficiant interest for using SIM reader, so I created
> page on wiki which might serve as good pointer:
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