osmocon and boot loader experience

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Jan 18 15:03:57 UTC 2011

Thatsit wrote:
> My conclusion is clear that it is not a matter of physics
> (electrical) but of timing constraints.

It's just stupid to expose the UART all the way up in the PC. Better
would be something slightly more clever that could buffer data from
PC and meet strict timings with the phone.

> 	1. very smal PC with Ubuntu 10.10 Server
> 	2. Vmware with Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop on older MacBookPro
> 	3. VirtualBox with Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop on a new MacPro

Virtualizing USB is *always* a bad idea. It will very easily create
lots of problems because USB hosts have very strict requirements,
that do not fit at all in a virtualized environment.

Rather than virtualizing the USB device itself, it would be much
better to let the host OS handle the USB device, and instead share
the actual serial port device with the guest. That way the driver
does not need to run in the very bad guest environment.

> Does this sound plausible?

Sure, timing is important and virtualization easily messes that up.


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