Dropping the layer23 application?

246tnt at gmail.com 246tnt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 12:55:09 UTC 2011

> I think the layer23 app was great when Dieter and others worked on the TX  
> part
> of Osmocom but right now it has the potential of disturbing a real  
> network.

Well, you're not supposed to use it with TX enabled :)

I think we should just strip the code that makes a RACH and the code that  
follow assignements.
Just put them in #if 0 as "examples" but make sure that by default it just  
sits on the BCCH, changes the CCCH mode when it knows it and that's it ...

This way, it makes a simple app that dumps SI and paging / immediate  
assignement on a specific ARFCN. And if you want to dig deeper, the example  
on how to do more are still in the code.

We should also group it in a single file like the other example app since  
it doesn't make sense to have so much files for so little function.


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