HP 8922 at Helmut Singer

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Jan 3 21:32:48 UTC 2011

Harald Welte wrote:
> just in case anyone is looking for a HP 8922 MS tester, there is one
> available from Helmut Singer.

They are about to scrap it.

We do not want to keep this equipment in stock any longer. Nearly
down to scrap price, is this the last chance for enthusiasts and
hobbyists to buy. Offered in "as is" condition only, untested, to

They also have a few other 8922 H test sets, at higher price. Is it
reasonable to assume that the countdown unit is actually in fine
working order, despite their disclaimer?

If no order received until January 15, 2011, this unit will be scrapped.

How come they decided to scrap this particular unit and not one of
the other 8922s?


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