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Kevin Redon kevredon at mail.tsaitgaist.info
Sat Jan 22 23:33:58 UTC 2011


To be able to add more extensions, I've added the text as text (using
Yanone Kaffeesatz font http://www.yanone.de/typedesign/kaffeesatz/).
The paths are still present (to use when the font is not available).
I also organized in layers (using inkscape) and added some metadata
(title, project page, license, material used, authors, ...)


On 01/22/2011 03:43 PM, Steve Markgraf wrote:
> Hi Harald,
> On 22.01.2011 14:09, Harald Welte wrote:
>> Wold you be able (and willing) to do the same logo but continue it with
>> uppercase TETRA, BB and SECURITY, using the same font/style?
>> This way we can differentiate the logo depending on the project site that
>> people visit.
> See the attached Inkscape *.svgz and prerendered *.png files for trac.
> DECT and OpenBSC are just meant as a RFC, otherwise just take the
> osmocom.png for the OpenBSC trac (since there's a small correction in
> the first 'm').
> Regards,
> Steve
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