hi all love GSM and love phone

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Mon Feb 28 15:42:35 UTC 2011


what's happening here is as follows:

1) Some Chinese native speaker with no/little knowledge of English 
   is trying to communicate on our list but uses something along the
   lines of google translate

2) He is using QQ (popular IM application, more used than e-mail, Gtalk,
   MSN or anything else in china) to send the message.

I don't think we should 'do something' about it.  Even while there are
huge communicative differences, cellphone engineers from China can still
be quite useful about this project (for example regarding schematics,
datasheets, etc. - specifically regarding MTK).

That some of those people seem to have a complete lack of technical
understanding and somehow think you can use a MTK baseband chipset for a USRP
is a different case.

But please be careful not to discriminate purely based on the fact that
soembody doesn't speak/read/write English that way we do.

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