success with Pirelli DP-L10 on live network - useful hints for newbies

Leif Jakob jakob at
Sun Feb 20 17:33:58 UTC 2011


for anyone also playing with the Pirelli phone, I got mine running on
a live network. Here's my recipe:

- change header files for Pirelli (see wiki)
- compile source
- setup usb

modprobe -v cp210x
echo "0489 e003" > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/cp210x/new_id

- attach phone without battery on USB

- from src run

./host/osmocon/osmocon -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -m romload ./target/firmware/board/pirelli_dpl10/layer1.highram.bin

now the tricky part: sometimes the romloader succeeds when you insert the battery, but most
times you have to power on the phone and then power off (now the bootloader uploads the .bin)

- run mobile (you need to touch an empty osmocom.cfg)
./host/layer23/src/mobile/mobile -i
telnet localhost 4247

- play via telnet - you can't break anything

now the real fun, enable transmitting

- enable transmitter (don't forget to "make clean") in Makefile
- select your local channel (I used an other phones cellid and looked up the channel)
  stick <number>
- use random IMEI (000.. didn't work on my network)
  imei-random 15
- use test sim (if you know your IMSI/KI - I could't get the SIM working)
    imsi 22801<secret>
    ki comp128 <secret>

If all works, you'll find in your logfile something like:

TMSI 0x25f0ec42 (636546114) assigned

if your keys are wrong, you'll see something like:


I wasn't able to make any real calls from the mobile to any landline
but at least signalling in the other direction worked:

telnet showed: Incoming call (from +49711xxxxx)

Have fun


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